Welcome, visitor. You've stumbled upon a dedication to the days of yore. A launchpad. A splash page. A collective. A Synocurean Space. It is designed and coded in the style of the retro web circa 2004 and is purposefully non-responsive, non-SEO'ed, and definitely does not look great on browsers on low resolution (mobile and tablet included). View the latest updates!


This collective is mainly here to host all of my one-page shrines :) Most of these are ~*under construction*~ (insert appropriate blinking gif here), but I will slowly work on getting them up! For interesting information about me specifically (e.g. books I've read, info about my cats, my blog), please visit my personal website!

About Me

You can call me Synocure. I'm a 30-something adult (?!) currently living in Texas with my kitty Freya. IRL, I go by Vivian and am a mental health therapist turned premed. I hustle at 3 jobs to support my get-out-of-debt journey. In my spare time (an increasingly rare commodity), I play games, take ballet and Pilates classes, hang out at Orangetheory Fitness, and reminisce about the Old Web.


The image is by Taiwanese artist Der Zhen. Stars are a free stock image from Pixabay. Editing done on Adobe Photoshop. Hand coded in Brackets.